Always Losing Your Car Key? It May Be More Serious Than You Thought!

Cars are fantastic in an emergency. When it’s eleven o’clock at night, and you really need a bag of crisps, you can just hop in your motor and get down to the twenty-four hour store. Except it’s usually at about that time when you realise you can’t find the car key. Oh well. No crisps tonight. And no sleep either as you wonder how on earth you are going to get to work in the morning!

Most of us have lost our car key at some point. With keyless entry, the problem seems to be getting worse because our bottomless bags really can hide the key just a little too well. It’s always at those most important times that you realise you need to come up with it pretty quickly. When you need to trade it in or sell it, you must have both keys and any bonnet key ready to hand over. This is when you may need an auto locksmith like Eyden Locksmiths, who can cut you a new set of car keys. If you haven’t locked your car, they may be able to help you secure it too.

Car keys can run out of battery power, break or lose their coding. When this happens, it can be expensive to return to your dealer. As a temporary measure, an auto locksmith may be able to help you. Your car keys are incredibly important so having this backup can be essential. Manuals and service handbooks are also quite easy to misplace. These are essential documents when it comes to selling your car, so keep these things somewhere safe. The service history of the car makes an enormous difference to the saleability of your vehicle. Even if it doesn’t add a great deal of value, without a full history, it can be impossible to sell your car privately.

Keeping your ownership documents safe is another challenge. There may be times when the police ask to see them. If you can’t produce them quickly, you may get in a lot of trouble. For all these documents, it is best to find a fireproof filing box that you can keep somewhere safe at home. That way they will all be kept safe, and you can retrieve them as you need them. Insurance documents for your vehicle may only exist online these days, but you may still need to provide a paper version of them, so print them out as soon as you can.


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If you buy your car from a dealer, you may have responded to deal advertisement. Sometimes the payout for the deal can come months later. You need to keep that original ad somewhere safe so that you can challenge the dealership if they don’t come through with what was promised at sale. It may only be something like a half price MOT but that is your money so it is worth pursuing. Keeping your car things together, safe and to hand is not only useful, but may be legally required. For the cost of a safe box, it is well worth doing.

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