Car tech which will (hopefully) be available in the next ten years

picWe are the witnesses of how much automotive industry had advanced for the past ten years. From air-bags, which have proven to be literal life-savers, to various sensors, modifiers, assistants, gadgets and trinkets which made every ride smoother and easier. But what will the future bring? What else will manufacturers come up with, to make our cars more safe, reliable and useful? These are some of the predictions, and not all are science fiction. Some are right there, behind the next corner.


Visual aspect is of utmost importance for every driver. Anti-fogging windshields and windows are already part of standard equipment today, but scientists are planning to take it one step further. I remember two things which blew my mind a few years back. Self-shading windows from Ferrari, which reduce heat in the interior, and heads-up display projected at the corner of the windshield from BMW. Now, after these two inventions, designers came up with the idea of real-time, on-screen navigation. Imagine line which shows you the way where you need to turn, or the edges of a windshield flashing red when you close in too much on the vehicle ahead. This technology might be based upon several projectors based at the corners of the window, without you noticing.


Flat tyre is bothersome. Burst tyre, at full speed can cost you much, much more. Being one of the most common causes of car accidents, a malfunctioning tyre is particularly dangerous at higher speeds. This will often cause the driver to lose control, and that is when accidents happen. Now, there are two ways to avoid this. Either implementing several sensors within the tyre itself, providing some information beforehand, for example about micro-damages which often cause tyre burst, or small drops in air pressure. The other solution is to eliminate air completely, and this seems much more plausible. Michelin, Bridgestone and Hankook are already investing a great amount of money into respective projects. The base is that a tyre can have intertwined spokes made of various and flexible materials, and thus can replace air. Only thin, top layer will need to be replaced, and even that will reduce the amount of cast-off material, making tyres more eco-friendly.


Majority of cars today are made with an internal combustion system, which, naturally, consumes fossil fuel. The trouble is that reserves of oil are not limitless, and the day will come when we will have none. To prevent world from stopping in its tracks (pun intended), we began finding various ways to keep car going by changing fuel type. There were several attempts in order to make cars run on hydrogen, highly available gas which can be “made” in a laboratory, but its problem is high flammability, making it dangerous. On the other hand, no other alternative way of drive made such great success as electricity. Mr Elon Musk and his team at Tesla Motors made this dream a reality. By replacing huge, old, clunky power batteries with modern, slimmer and smaller ones, they managed to produce more power with better usage of space. This can and will impact electric car future in great manner, and we can freely say that this is what the future will look like.


Future cars will definitely only resemble those of today. Outside, they will keep the looks, more or less, but inside, under the hood (again, pun intended), there will be a world of difference. We are positive that near future will bring a lot of changes, many of which will be safety oriented. There will also be those in service of entertainment, but that is completely different story.

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