A First Look At The Volkwagen Golf GTE Hybrid Electric

Car makers around the world are racing to build the greenest, cleanest and most-powerful models. Volkswagen is no stranger to building such cars. If you check out their website, you can see some of the amazing concepts and new models that use tomorrow’s technology today.

For instance, you only have to take a look at the XL1, which they have dubbed as a “Super Efficient Vehicle” to see what I mean. Of course, the XL1 is a bit too “futuristic” for many motorists, and it’s no surprise that it will only be available in limited numbers.


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Something that will appeal to the masses is Volkswagen’s newest sporty offering, the Golf GTE. I will be taking a brief look at this new model and examining why the German car maker believes this will be the sign of things to come!

What is the Volkswagen Golf GTE?

You will doubtless know of previous incarnations of the Golf and one model in particular: the GTi. “GT” stands for Gran Tourismo, as you might know by now. Don’t let the name confuse you with a console game of a similar name!

The “i” stands for injection. You might be thinking that this new Golf model is a sporty one – you are correct in your assumption! But what does the “E” stand for? It’s simple; the “E” stands for Electric.

The new Volkswagen Golf GTE is a plug-in hybrid car. It combines the best of both worlds. An internal combustion engine and electric battery and motor technology.


When you look around the Golf GTE, you can’t help but notice that it combines the styling of the GTi with that of the “e-Golf.” Its front bumper features the e-Golf’s C-shaped LED DRLs (daytime running lights). And the radiator grille is the same as the one used on its brother, the GTi.

Available only in a five-door body style, the Volkswagen Golf GTE also features LED headlights. LED lighting is by far the most-efficient form of lighting that you can use.


The interior of the Golf GTE features blue highlighting. That is unlike the GTi, which features red highlighting. According to Listers Volkswagen, the GTE comes with a built-in sat nav system linked to an 8-inch touchscreen.

DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity also come as standard on the Volkswagen Golf GTE. A clever addition to the infotainment system is the inclusion of electric car-specific functionality.

For instance, it will be able to tell you where the nearest charging points are. And it can even identify destinations available using just electric power only.

One cool function of the Golf GTE is that you can manage various aspects of it using a smartphone app. That is akin to what you might expect with today’s current BMW models.


A six-speed, triple-clutch DSG transmission houses the 100 brake horsepower electric motor. The internal combustion engine is Volkswagen’s 1.4-litre twin-charged TSI engine. The petrol engine alone is good for 148 brake horsepower!

Together, you have a theoretical 201 brake horsepower on tap, with a range of 580 miles! The new Volkswagen Golf GTE will be available to buy from early 2015.

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