How To Get The Best Deal Possible When Buying A Used Vehicle

Buying a used car can be fraught with difficulties. While you want to get a vehicle for the lowest prices possible, you also need to ensure that it’s in decent condition. The last thing you need is to spend thousands of pounds on repairs and maintenance because you made a bad decision. Like it or not, there are a lot of cowboys out there who don’t have your best interests at heart. So, you need to keep your wits and remain on guard at all times. You can usually spot when a seller is lying as the information they provide you with rarely adds up.

Considering all that, this article has been written and published with the intention of giving you a helping hand. If you take a few moments to read through all the information and advice listed below, you will stand a better chance of obtaining a good quality automobile. Our tips could also mean you get it for the lowest price possible, which is always a bonus, right? Of course, you’ll need to use some common sense and perform research before arranging a viewing. However, that’s simple these days with the whole online world at your fingertips.


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Search through multiple websites

While it might be tempting to settle on the first car you come across; it is sensible to check listings on numerous different websites before making your final decision. If nothing else, doing that will allow you to check prices across the board. Once you have pricing information, you will be in a better position to negotiate. Also, there are thousands of cars for sale in the UK at any one time. That means you would be doing yourself a disservice by ignoring them.

Check the vehicle’s history and condition

You should never buy a car from anyone unless it comes with all the standard paperwork. You should expect to see the logbook, service history and receipts for any work that has been carried out. If that information is not available, you should refuse to make a purchase and move onto another seller straightaway. It’s also important you double check the condition of any automobile you’re looking at. If that means taking a friend with qualifications in mechanics along for the ride, so be it.

Understand the true market value

Again, you’ll want to avoid paying too much for your car of choice. For that reason, it’s vital that you research the model and find out information about the true value. Even if the vehicle you’re considering is a little cheaper than you might have expected, that doesn’t mean you can’t still knock the seller down on price. Just make sure you take your research along when attending a viewing as it could help to add weight to your case for a price reduction.

Part-exchange or sell your old car

Some second-hand dealers will allow you to part-exchange your old vehicle when making a purchase from them. That is a good idea as it saves you the hassle of having to sell it privately. However, the prices used car dealers offer are usually very low, and so you might like to look at an alternative. If your automobile is on its last legs, it might be best to send it to the scrap yard. After speaking with representatives from the Surrey Scrapping Centre, we discovered that some companies will even pay to scrap your vehicle. Not bad eh?

Ask for extras

If you’re buying from a dealership and they refuse to knock the price down, you could end up with a better deal if you ask them to include some extras. Maybe they have some new footwell mats you like the look of, or perhaps they’d be willing to throw in some new window wipers? Either way, you should aim to get everything you can as that will help you to save money in the future. If the dealer simply won’t entertain your requests, don’t be afraid of walking away.

Don’t act too interested

Sellers are very unlikely to shift on price if you appear too interested in their car. You should try to apply your poker face and hold as much back as possible. Your goal is to lead the conversation. Make sure you’re asking the questions, and they’re put on the spot, not the other way around. Sellers will do everything they can to convince you that making a purchase is a good idea, but you need to resist their tactics and keep a clear head. Even if you do love the particular model they’re selling, there are plenty of others available.

Lie about your budget

Some dealers and sellers might ask how much you have to spend. That is a common strategy used to squeeze more cash out of you. If they ask about your budget, simply tell them a lie. You are under no obligation to be truthful with them. Presuming you have around £2000 to spend, tell them it’s somewhere closer to £1000. That will discourage them from inflating their prices and make them more inclined to negotiate.

Ask for a full tank of fuel

While it might only cost £50 or £60 to fill your petrol tank, that’s a substantial saving you could make by insisting the seller does it for you. Most will be willing to oblige if you’re paying more than £1000 for a vehicle, so you need to ensure you don’t forget to ask. If they refuse, just tell them it’s a deal breaker and that you’re not interested in the car unless they fill the tank. In most instances, that will be enough to sway their decision.

We hope you’ve found the information in this post useful. We also hope that you will be in a better position to make the right decisions when looking for a suitable used car over the next few months. If you need any more advice, there are plenty of posts on this website that are guaranteed to point you in the right direction.

Good luck with everything. See you soon!

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