Jeep Cherokee

Jeep CherokeeFollowing the successful launch of the Grand Cherokee, Jeep has launched a very bold and stylistic, medium SUV set to be on offer in the UK later in 2014.  From May onwards to be exact there will be 2 petrol engine varieties of this Cherokee – the 184 bhp producing 4 cylinder 2.4 litre and the 271 bhp producing V6 3.2 litre versions.  These will feature the same automatic 9 speed gearbox that the Range Rover Evoque uses. 

There will also be made available two 2 litre turbo-diesel engine (provided by Fiat) versions of the car which will provide either 138 bhp or 168 bhp with manual 6 speed transmission.

Jeep wanted to make sure that the Cherokee, as well as providing an excellent off-road 4 wheel driving experience, they also wanted to ensure that it would be just as fun driving on the road.  The all wheel driving system is similar to what is found in the Land Rover Terrain Response.  It is also likely that the Jeep Cherokee will have increased fuel economy and much lower CO2 emission levels compared to other cars.

If you are looking for a good example of what to expect from the space inside the Cherokee, think the Land Rover Freelander or the Honda CR-V, and the large touchscreen inside the car I the same as the Alfa Romeo.  While the Uconnect Infotainment system is the same used inside modern Fiats.

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