Lexus: The Great Big Japanese Love Affair

There’s no denying one can select from hundreds of different car brands out there. Typical examples include Ford, Volvo and Volkswagen. But, there’s one vehicle brand more of us are driving these days. I am, of course, talking about Lexus.

The Japanese car marque is the luxury vehicle brand of Toyota, itself a popular global brand. These days, you will come across more Lexus vehicles on the road than say five years ago.

But, what is it about Lexus that makes the brand so appealing to us? And why are we ditching other premium brands like Mercedes-Benz or Audi? Well, it turns out there’s plenty of reasons why more of us start a love affair with the Japanese car marque. Here are some of the main ones:


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It offers a refreshing alternative to the “Big Three”

Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are the three premium brands I am referring to. Those German car brands offer a plethora of luxurious models that many of us have bought in the past.

You might not think that we need to consider other marques for that reason. But, there is little choice when it comes to owning something new AND different. Lexus seeks to – and achieves – the objective of offering a worthy alternative.

It doesn’t matter whether one is after a saloon or a sporty coupe. Lexus has a model to suit many premium and luxurious needs! A quick look at the Currie Motors website reveals an array of worthy examples.

You don’t have to worry about reliability with Lexus

When one pays for a premium model, they expect a car that won’t break down on them. The sad truth is that some of those vehicles become known for their lack of reliability.

That’s an issue you don’t need to worry about when you buy a Lexus. Everyone knows that Toyota is a car company that builds vehicles to high standards. That also gets applied to their luxurious Lexus brand as well. A simple Internet search will reveal how Lexus as a brand won many awards because of reliability.

Driving a Lexus is almost beyond compare

When you get behind the wheel of any Lexus, one thing is rather obvious. You experience a drive like no other! Regardless of the model you drive, you can enjoy comfort and pin-sharp handling.

Inside of each car, there is a broad range of features and technology that you can take advantage of. Each option provides a useful function to both drivers and passengers. Plus, the controls to manage various aspects of the car in the cabin are simple to follow.

Lexus is what its competitors strive to be like

Did you know that it took some years before the Lexus brand got launched? That wasn’t because of internal politics or bureaucracy. It was down to the fact that Toyota wanted to corner the market.

It looks like their years of planning, research and preparation have paid off! Lexus is now a familiar global brand in all parts of the world. It won’t be long before they are the number one luxury automotive brand.

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