The Most Popular Ford Cars Of All Time

Ford has been one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers for the best part of a century. Based in America, they have taken the markets by storm time and time again thanks to innovative designs and durable products. Indeed, Ford cars have the best safety rating around compared to their nearest competitors. For that reason, we’d like to present you with a list of the most-popular Ford vehicles of all time. Most of them are still available to buy on the used market, and some of them are still in production.

One of the most-appealing elements to Ford cars is their price. While other manufacturers charge a premium, this ones tries to provide their customers with a budget alternative. That is not to say their cars are any less impressive though. In fact, many people would prefer to purchase a Ford car over those available from more luxurious manufacturers like Mercedes or BMW.


Here are the most-popular Ford cars of all time…

Ford Fiesta

First released onto the international market in 1976, the Ford Fiesta has undergone a number of redesigns over the years. It became so popular due to a reliable and small engine that helped motorists lower their insurance payments. The latest editions are still in production, though we are expecting to see the manufacturer move onto something completely new by the end of 2015.

Ford Focus

One of the main reasons the Ford Focus became so popular relates to the face that law enforcement agencies around the world have used it since just after the year 2000. While it has been in production since 1998, the model didn’t sell very well up until that point. With a slightly larger engine size, this car has a lot of pull. Marketed towards families and professionals, it is easy to see why it became the world’s best-selling automobile nameplate in 2012.

Ford Mondeo

Originally released as a replacement for their previous Sierra model, the Mondeo soon became a popular vehicle in its own right. While some people spend in excess of £50,000 on the ideal executive car, those who chose the Mondeo can expect to pay less than £20,000. It performs just as well as similar models available from other manufacturers, and it also looks the part.

Ford Escort

While the Ford Escort is no longer in production, we still see them appearing on the used market from time to time. Sellers like are quick to advertise them on their website whenever they come into stock. The car was originally produced from 1968 to 2002, and so the newest models are now more than twelve years old. Even so, you couldn’t move for these on the road during the 1990s. That is why many people consider them to be the best car Ford has ever released.

We hope you have learned a little from this post, and that you are now a little more educated on the best Ford motorcars. Maybe you should look towards buying one next year? You won’t regret it.

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