Your Quick and Easy Guide to Mazda

As a manufacturer, Mazda is easy to overlook in the UK. We don’t see too many of them on our roads. European cars are more common here than Japanese vehicles, along with Fords. If we do decide to go Japanese, we tend to choose Honda, Toyota, or Nissan. Mazda doesn’t have a strong motorsport pedigree, which may explain our failure to consider them.


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That’s a shame, because Mazdas are terrific little cars. Mazda is an ambitious company with a small but varied range of great vehicles. Brand loyalty towards Mazda in the USA is growing, so perhaps we can soon expect the same on these shores. If you’re still unsure about whether a Mazda is right for you, don’t worry. Here’s our guide to some of the models that they’re selling today.

Mazda 2

We’ll start at the lower end of the range with Mazda’s supermini, the 2. The Mazda 2 is a handsome and quirky city car that’s suitable for all ages. It’s like the Ford Fiesta (the American company used to own Mazda). A Mazda will cost more to insure than some of its European counterparts. By contrast, it may get better mileage and isn’t too expensive to insure. They’re also good fun, with excellent handling. It’s a supermini for drivers, in essence – a quality low-cost machine.

Mazda 3

Mazda’s hatchback, based on the Ford Focus. Autocar rates the 3 as one of the top five best family hatches on the market. It’s not hard for you to see why. Again, the 3 is a good-looking beast. Mazda doesn’t skimp in the design department. It’s a practical machine, with a comfortable and spacious interior. Performance is excellent, and the running costs aren’t too high. A great all-round family car.

Mazda 6

The 6 is Mazda’s estate vehicle. It has to face off against expensive German rivals, so you might be a little nervous for the poor thing. It can’t match a BMW or an Audi in performance, of course. The 6 is a lot cheaper than one of these vehicles, which is a positive point. It’s also better-looking than those cars – less pretentious and aggressive. Only snobbery would see any wise estate customer head elsewhere.

Mazda MX-5


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The MX-5 celebrates its twenty-fifth birthday this year. It’s an evergreen icon – the most famous Mazda of them all. A handsome and stylish roadster, the MX-5 delivers in every area. You can great deals on MX-5s from If you want a sporty vehicle, there’s no better alternative. The MX-5 is an experience, not just a car, and you should live that dream as soon as possible.

From city cars to sports vehicles, Mazda delivers the goods in every area that you can imagine. They should be an option for any customer. They’re not too expensive but offer quality across the range. That’s a compromise you can’t ignore. Get down to your local dealer and make your next car a Mazda. It’s a choice that will pay off in the years ahead.


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