Review of the 2015 Kia Soul EV

With the electric car market booming, Kia have decided to enter the arena with the new Soul EV. It’s based on the supermini petrol powered Kia Soul in terms of body and chassis. But any car that pushes the electric car market further in a positive direction can only be a good thing, in my opinion.

Kia is hardly the most fashionable or prestigious of car manufacturers, but I’ve always seen them as a company happy to go about their business quietly. Nobody really talks about Kia, yet they’ve released a lot of great cars over the years. So, will the Soul EV impress or flop? Here’s a look at the most important points.


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As I already mentioned, the model is based on the old Kia Soul, which you can still find at places like Therefore, the EV won’t offer drivers anything they haven’t seen before in terms of design. The body is square and boxy and looks good to my eye. Some people won’t take to it so keenly, it just depends on what you like in a car’s design.

There are a few differences in the EV though. The wheel trims are now white, the same colour as the roof. This gives a nice finish to the car and makes it feel a little more complete. It also has a new grille that improves the car’s head-on appearance a great deal. The interior is all white and doesn’t appear much different to what we’ve seen in the old Soul model.

Driving Experience

One of the great things about driving an electric car is the smooth ride you get. There’s no noisy engine or exhaust to worry about. You can just sit back and enjoy the silent, easy going driving experience you get. This is very true of the Kia Soul EV too.

In terms of speed, the Soul EV isn’t breathtaking. It can reach 62 mph in about 12 seconds, and it isn’t the best at overtaking. Having said that, it’s not a problem that will bother many drivers. For people looking to invest in an electric car, the smooth ride will be more important than a lack of speed.

Main Benefits

Kia always offers a 7-year warranty as standard. No other competitor can match this, so it’s always something to take into consideration when you’re thinking about buying any kind of Kia.

The smooth electric powered drive is great for people wanting to make short journeys. It’s a great city car, and you will, of course, save a lot of money on fuel and low car tax. These are the main selling points for the car.

Main Drawbacks

The Soul EV isn’t half as good at long distances though. If you want to be making long journeys, the electrical car probably isn’t developed far enough to suit you yet. And the Soul EV, in particular, isn’t good for long distance driving. It will also cost you around £25,000 to buy new, which might put a lot of people off. It’s hardly the cheapest electric powered car on the market.

As electric city cars go, the Kia Soul EV is one of the best. If the drawbacks mentioned above aren’t a problem for you, it might be the ideal car for you.


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